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Check Internet forums and you will see "What is the best choice of engine for a boat?" over and over again. Buzz's choice of engine is not based on dockside chat but what we've seen in our shop over the last 61 years. Over the years we've seen the development of some exciting things with marine engines. Through all of the changes, one thing remains the same: our engines of choice.

Inboard / Outboard (I/O) Engine: VOLVO


Jim Wynne

As a marine engineer and a test driver, he saw how the outboards of the time had grown too clumsy to perform well. So Jim got an idea. What if you could create a new kind of engine that would combine inboard performance with the maneuvering benefits of an outboard.

So he created one.


First Stern Drive Was Introduced at a New York Boat Show


Introduced The First Duo-Prop


Introduced The First Inboard/Outboard Forward Facing Drive

Jim Wynne


VOLVO Engine

  • Engines have higher compression ratios for better power output.
  • Direct Fuel Injection for up to 10% better fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Variable Cam Timing for better low-end torque/high-end horsepower (VCT changes when the valves open to allow the engine to draw in more air and make more usable power at both bottom end hole shot & top end speed)
Cooling Systems
  • Engines run in antifreeze for a more consistent temperature
  • New Easy Drain Cooling System that can extend your boating season
Drive Units
  • Heavier Duty Drive System (larger gears / less stress / quieter operation)
  • Cone Clutch Shifting (smooth shifting/ no rattle-clunk when put into gear)
GM Marine
Based Engines
  • 5 Year Engine & Drive Unit Warranties
  • Proven engines that are based on 21st century engine technology
  • Lighter Weight - It's like having one less passenger, up to 31 % quicker acceleration

Outboard Engine: Yamaha

Proven Reliability


Yamaha has just earned its thirteenth consecutive Marine Customer Satisfaction Index Award (no other manufacturer has achieved this).


Focused On Marine Engine Technology


Introduced The Auto Lube System


Their First Four-Stroke was released.

Original 4-Stroke


Newest Sho 250hp Engine


Four Stroke
  • Yamaha builds all of their own engines and does not source or rebrand engines from other manufacturers
  • Yamaha was an early pioneer in the development of Four Stroke Outboard Engines.
  • Up to 30% more fuel efficient than competitive manufacturers engines (Who doesn't like that?)
  • Lighter weight improves boat planning & overall handling
  • Large displacement, naturally aspirated engines (Simple and trouble free design that doesn't use a Super Charger to stress components to make its rated horsepower.)
Super High
Output Engines
  • SHO Engines - 115hp, 150hp, 175hp, 200hp, 225hp & 250hp.
  • These engines use higher compression ratios & Variable
  • Camshaft Timing for better low-end torque / high-end horsepower
  • You'll want one of these engines when you're looking for those extra "kick in the pants" performance but maintain the legendary Yamaha reliability.

Our Marine Technicians are also certified to service Mercury, Mercruiser, & Honda.

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