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Premium Pre-Owned Boats

Certifiably Better Boats For Boating Families.

Our Premium Pre-Owned Boats Put The Fun In Family Summers.
Each of our Premium Pre-Owned Craft go through an extensive 40 point Pre-Sale "Renewal Program". Our boats are "Certifiably Better" due to our experience and 61 year history of making the boat right for your summer. We also back our "Renewal Program" with a "Pre-Owned Engine Limited Warranty".

Learn more about Buzz's Marine Certified Pre-Owned Program

Buzz's Marine Certified Pre-Owned Boats

None Of Our Certifiably Better Pre-Owned Boats Are Sold To You “As Is”.
What does “As Is” tell you about any product? Lack of faith, no more-no less. Our trade-in engines are thoroughly inspected and serviced from flywheel to prop. Boat hulls are tested for fiberglass or aluminum fatigue, floors and transoms for damage or rot, and the boat from bow to stern for mechanical functions. Trailers are also inspected and serviced. Our Certifiably Better Pre-Owned Boats are “Lake Ready” the day you leave our dealership and protected by our Pre-Owned Engine Limited Warranty. See store for details.

Our Premium Pre-Owned Boats Almost Always Come From Boating Families.
Boaters who love summer and boating, and just want a new or larger Craft. We do not buy Bank Re-Po’s, Auction Boats, Rentals, Internet or Classified “Floaters”, or somebody else’s problem to re-sell to you. We are a family dealership who loves boating, and want your family to enjoy the sport, as do thousands of our customers.

Our Attention To “Renewal Detail” Allows Us To Offer Boating Families Confidence On Our Pre-Owned Boats.
To the best of our ability, we try to find any pre-sale service needs and then back our work with confidence, and peace of mind for you and your family, with our “Pre-Owned Engine Limited Warranty”. Please contact a member of our sales team for details.

Our “Pre-Owned Engine Limited Warranty” Is Definitely Unique.
Ask Another Marine Dealer. If you are not receiving the same confidence and treatment from any other Pre-Owned Boat Dealer, or private party seller, shouldn’t you ask why?

See store for full details.

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2006 Bayliner 195BR
Stock: #1582F- Certified
Color: Blue

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Bennington 2020 21SFX Pontoon
$352/month **
2020 Bennington 21SFX
Stock: #530C- Consignment
Color: Black

Price: $34,995

Gone Boating
Thank You Gary & Connie of Seward, NE!!
Chaparral 2010 206SSi
  • Chaparral
Stock: #1616F- Certified
Color: Yellow

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Crownline 2011 18ss
$341/month **
2011 Crownline 18SS
Stock: #1556F- Certified
Color: Brown

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-Photo Coming Soon
  • Four Winns
Stock: #1552F- Certified
Color: White/Yellow

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MB 2018 B52 Surf Boat
2018 MB B52
Stock: #504C- Consignment
Color: Blue/Cream

Price: $107,995

Rinker 2013 Captiva 216
$406/month **
2013 Rinker Captiva 216
Stock: #1656F- Certified
Color: Navy

Price: $44,995

Scout 2009 205 Dorado
$341/month **
2009 Scout 205 Dorado
Stock: #540C- Consignment
Color: Cream

Price: $32,995

Gone Boating
Thank You Mike & Jan of Sargent, NE!!
-Photo Coming Soon
$218/month **
1998 Sea Ray 180BR OB
Stock: #451C- Consignment
Color: White/Green

Price: $9,995

Spectrum 1994 16 Sport
$183/month **
1994 Spectrum 16 Sport
Stock: #1550F- Certified
Color: Teal/White

Price: $6,495

Starcraft 2005 Aurora 2000 I/O Fish
$279/month **
  • Starcraft
Aurora 2000 I/O Fish
Stock: #451C- Consignment
Color: Red

Price: $26,995

Starcraft 2016 Starweld 16DC
  • Starweld
Stock: #1618F- Certified
Color: Red

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Starcraft 2019 Renegade 168DC
$302/month **
  • Starcraft
  • Renegade 168 DC
Stock: #517C- Consignment
Color: Blue

Price: $29,995

Starcraft 2020 Limited 2000
$310/month **
  • Starcraft
  • Limited 2000 Cruise
Stock: #1579F- Certified
Color: Yellow

Price: $29,995

Starcraft 2020 Limited 2000
$306/month **
  • Starcraft
  • Limited 2000 Cruise Tower
Stock: #526C- Consignment
Color: Charcoal/Red/Charcoal

Price: $42,995

TIGE 2018 RZX2 Surf Boat
  • Tige
Stock: #1694F- Certified
Color: Vivid Orange/Vivid Graphite/Black

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